Thursday, September 01, 2016



The Network “Nutrition & food safety and wholesomeness - Prevention, education and research network” - NOODLES is a Non Lucrative Organization of Social Utility that crosscuts public institutions, universities, NGOs and social, professional and scientific organizations.
With the main public health objective of Sustainable Food Safety, NOODLES has the mission of promoting nutrition, food safety and wholesomeness by protecting and promoting local food chains and environments, food security and food sovereignty in an increasingly interconnected, “globalized”, food production system. Through its trans-disciplinary approach NOODLES intends to implement a One Health framework, where protection of environment, farm animals and human well-being are linked and mutually support each other.
NOODLES aims at contributing to the mitigation of infant morbidity and mortality, the increase of healthy life expectancy in children and adults as well as the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The scientific tool adopted by the Network is risk analysis, implemented through north-south and south-south cooperation, and science-society dialogue, thus fostering a Global Health standpoint by working locally but connecting globally.